About Us

The mission of IB FLY FISHING is to build your fly fishing skills from the beginner to the expert level. 

Our instructors are among Canada's most skillful and experienced fly fishermen and will gladly tailor a class to anyone's needs. We have helped anglers from any level: from  novice to national champions.

IB FLYFISHING covers the Ottawa and Montreal areas. 

We are also happy to travel to other places to deliver classes for larger groups.   

Why Instruction?

Imagine that you have never driven a car before but you have purchased a Ferrari. Would this automatically make you a great driver... 

Fly fishing is not different. Buying a nice fly rod does not make you a great caster and having the right flies does not help much if you do not know how to use them.

Let us help you hone your skills so that you can catch that big one. Or enjoy that special feeling when you throw a beautiful cast. 

Call us at (613) 8843196 or drop us a line at ibflyfishing@gmail.com