Roger Lewis, 2016

I learned a lot from Ivo and had fun as well. He is a patient teacher and an accomplished fly fisherman. I received practical advice and came away feeling encouraged and motivated to improve.

Calin Lumperdean, Canadian National Fly Fishing Champion, 2015

" I just followed my Captain's (Ivo) advice!" 

Mike Lennox, Canadian National Fly Fishing Champion, 2008

If you are serious about becoming a better angler, there is no teacher I would recommend more than Ivo Balinov. In addition to being a master at European nymphing techniques, Ivo is excellent at about every discipline of fly fishing, and is an incredibly skilled caster. What sets Ivo aside from many anglers of his calibre is that he is not only an excellent, methodical fly angler: he knows how to teach. Having fished with Ivo several times over the years, he has taught me almost everything I know about nymphing and has helped me improve my dry fly fishing and casting tremendously. I guarantee a day with Ivo will make you a better angler, and will result in more fish caught in your next outings as a result.

Steven Mo, 2010

I recently participated in a fly fishing excursion in the Mont Tremblant, Quebec area lead by a team of guides/instructors including Ivo Balinov. It was a fantastic experience in that - despite the fact that most of the participants (23) were relatively new to fly fishing - almost everyone caught at least one trout during the brief time that we were fishing. In fact, most had multiple hook-ups! I can only attribute this to the skill, experience and knowledge of the instructors and I was fortunate enough to be part of Ivo's group and I specifically benefitted from his expertise. I would recommend Ivo to anglers of all levels. The proof is in the results! Thanks again!